Vegan and Vegetarian Nutritionist Diploma Course

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Lose weight whilst saving the planet.

Research has now proven that a vegetarian and veganism diet offers many health benefits.  For those who have pursued a diet rich in meat and dairy for most of their lives, embarking on a vegan diet can lead to significant changes. There are many reasons why you may be looking to transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet. This course is a must for anyone. 

During this course you will learn many convertible skills that can aid you with various employment prospects. By learning and possessing skills in this subject you will find further useful tools to help yourself and others. This is a great addition to the journey for anyone who is considering working in or is already working in the field of health and well being. The course is also extremely beneficial for those simply wishing to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

Part 1
Lesson 1
• The different types of vegetarianism and veganism
• History and background of vegetarian and vegan diets
• Vegetarianism and veganism in modern times
Lesson 2
• Environmental benefits
• Physical benefits
• Disease prevention
Lesson 3
• Concerns with vegan and vegetarian diets
• Which type of diet is best for me
• Special considerations

Part 2
Lesson 4
• Protein consumption
• High protein vegan and vegetarian foods
• Iron consumption and anemia
• Iron-rich vegan and vegetarian foods
Lesson 5
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin A
• Calcium
• Vitamin D
• Omega 3 acids
• L-Cartinine
Lesson 6
• Pregnant women
• Children
• Elderly people
• Bodybuilders and athletes

Part 3
Lesson 7
• Creating a balanced diet
• Nutrient and mineral checklist
• Meal planning
• Examples of meal planning
Lesson 8
• Vegan and vegetarian fast food and snacks
• Batch cooking
• Eating out
• Vegan and vegetarian cuisine from around the world
Lesson 9
• How to become a nutritionist
• Setting up your own clinic
• How to conduct sessions
• Advertising and promotion
• Legal and certification considerations

Part 4
• Case study examples
• Conclusion of course material

Following each group of lessons, you will be given a list of related questions that will help you to review and consolidate your learning these are for your own benefit and do not need to be returned to us. 
If you would like to take your exam this is included in the course work and consists of around 25 questions including multiple choice this course is quite complex and we would require a minimum of one 1000 word case study to be submitted in order to pass your exam and gain your diploma. 

We are pleased to be awarded accreditation by the IPHM and iICT which means that when you study with us and gain your qualification you will be eligible to become a board certified practitioner and obtain holistic insurance cover if wishing to work as a professional complimentary or spiritual practitioner.

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