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Secrets of Tarot

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Are you unsure of what decision to make or what lies ahead? Unlock the mysteries of Tarot to find your path with this fantastic tarot kit. Professional clairvoyant and astrologer Amanda Hall brings her over 40 years' experience in the psychic field to her introduction to, teaching of, and step-by-step examples of tarot readings. This kit contains a 32-page full-colour book and a 78-card box of laminated Tarot cards, richly illustrated with the imagery of the Major and Minor Arcana.

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"Great product for the price. These could easily become anyone's favorite tarot cards. The artwork is elegant, yet remains true to the "tarot feel". If you've never owned a tarot deck and you're looking for your first one, I highly recommend this box set. A seasoned tarot card enthusiast would love this deck as well, and would make a great addition to your tarot collection".


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