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Reiki Level 1 Certificate Course

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Dr Usui Reiki Certificate Course

By training as a Reiki Practitioner you will also be in a position to heal yourself at any time and treat others to a deeply relaxing healing session. You will never again feel useless when you or people around you are in pain. 

The ancient art of healing. Students often report very positive life changing events taking place for them after they have taken this course. Reiki clears away blockages so that your natural flow of energy can be released, this blockage is what causes illness and stress. This is a holistic form of healing and treats the physical body and the mind together, strengthening the body's own healing ability and re-balancing its energy. 

Some of the things Reiki 1 will introduce you to: 

  • The five Reiki Principles
  • History of Reiki & How to heal yourself
  • How to heal others
  • The chakras and reiki hand positions for healing
  • How to get attuned and connect with Reiki energy
Your exam and details of how to access to the student video library for attunements is included in the course.

All SLS courses are accredited internationally. We are a recognized course provider with the IPHM  in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. The School of Life Studies are also accredited course providers with the IICT

NB: Your Certificate will be sent to your email address on successful completion of the exam via PDF which you may print off at home.

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