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Life Coaching Diploma Course

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Become a Professional Life Coach

You can become a professional fully trained and accredited life coach with our online home study training course. No previous experience required although if you would like to take life coaching seriously and as a career we recommended you also take the NLP Certificate Course.

Who will benefit from this course? Are you a people person? If you enjoy communicating and have an interest in others for their professional and personal development then you will easily pick up the skills necessary with this course to enable you to become an outstanding and professional life coach. 

Career Opportunities -  Life coaching services and the cost of hiring a life coach vary quite a bit. Some people may hire a life coach to help grow their business, others may use a life coach to help them achieve fitness or health goals and others to help them in their day to day life to become happy and confident people.

Every life coaching situation is unique and this course will help you to find your strengths and how to develop your skills to find the correct type of life coaching for you that you can offer your clients with confidence.  

Our aim is to provide you with a course which:

  • Gives jargon-free explanations & concepts   
  • Describes clearly how these concepts can be used with real example
  • Provides practical, simple advice 
  • Train you to become a professional Life Coach


Course Overview

Upon completion of the course and examination which is included,  students can introduce Life Coaching practice as a standalone profession or as part of their therapy. You will receive an accredited diploma upon successful completion of the course.

part 1

Life coaching defined and explained
Obstructions to the coaching process
The differences between life coaching and other disciplines

part 2

The differences between life coaching and other disciplines
Essential Beliefs for a Life Coach
Understanding your client’s beliefs
Essential Communication Skills for a Life Coach

part 3

Points of View, Rapport and Psycho-geography
Representational systems
Applying Strategies
Three things your client will need

Accreditation: All SLS courses are accredited internationally. We have trained students worldwide many of whom are now working as successful counsellors and therapists after training with the School of Life Studies.

We are a recognized course provider with the IPHM  in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. The School of Life Studies are also accredited course providers with the IICT

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