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Advanced Crystal Magic Diploma Course

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Uncover the magic of Crystals

If you want to dive deep into your passion and love for crystals then this advanced crystal course will greatly impact & expand your personal connections with your crystals & stones. 

Who would benefit from this course? This popular course is suitable for those who have either completed a basic course in crystal healing or already have a  basic knowledge of crystals and want to advance their skills.

Crystal Healing is now accepted and recognized worldwide and this course will provide you with sufficient knowledge and expertise to use this therapy. 

Course content: 
Part 1

  • Basics of how crystals are formed
  • How crystals, gems, and stones are different from each other
  • Application of applying crystals for healing a variety of physical and emotional problems
  • Using crystals in conjunction with chakras, colours, auras, mediation
  • Making elixirs and essences
  • How to cleanse and charge crystals
  • Making your own sacred space
  • Overview of crystallomancy, lithomancy and crystal tarot (Helping you bring the Magic of Crystals alive)

Part 2

  • In depth review and details on working with crystal grids, layouts, and nets
  • What they are
  • How they work to benefit clients
  • Variety of grids, layouts, and nets diagrams
  • Their uses for different complaints, disorders, and ailments
  • How best to construct them

Part 3

  • Use of magic, spells, and rituals
  • How crystal magic works on the individual as well as broader characteristics including individual’s environment
  • Examples of spells and ritual mantras

Exam included if you wish to apply for your accredited diploma

On successful completion of your exam you will receive your diploma as an attachment for you to print off at home.  Details will be sent with the course. 

We have students from all over the world having studied with us and now working as successful therapists. Our training courses are a recognized with the IPHM  in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. The School of Life Studies are also accredited course providers with the IICT

Excellent course, I particularly was interested in the sections about crystallomancy, lithomancy and grids. I would advise anyone interested in crystals to take the crystal courses with the school of life studies. The courses are easy to follow and are well written.
Anna Rowe

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