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Colour Therapy Scarves - Small

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The chakra scarves are for healing through the power of colour. They are used in chakra healing/balancing and colour meditation, mainly healers, colour therapists, reiki practitioners/masters, meditation facilitators, yoga/dance teachers, Crystal therapists and anyone who works with chakras can use them in their healing practice. 

Healers usually lay them over their clients during a healing session however you do not have to be a healer to benefit from using them. They can brighten up furniture in any room especially therapy rooms be used for alters or simply add colour energy where it is most needed. Facilitators who organise spiritual, dance, or art workshops can also use these beautiful chakra coloured scarves. Playing, juggling and dancing with them during the workshops is a lot of fun. These colour therapy scarves are also great for baby sensory activities. 

100% Nylon, aprox 40cm x 40cm
Each package Includes 10 scarves of assorted colours

These scarves have been through extensive UK testing to get CE Certification, which means they are certified safe and contain no harmful dyes. 
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