Cherry Quartz - Polished Tumblestone

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Cherry Quartz with Free Crystal Guide


  • Promotes action and drive in your life.
  • Encourages activity and energy
  • Signifies an abundance of vitality, strength
  • Courage and confidence

  • Cherry-Quartz is a charger stone that will restore the energy and rhythm of your life. This is a man made crystal and is made by melting quartz and cinnabar together. It’s then melted and given its dazzling energetic flashes or pink color in the clear quartz.It's a beautiful stone with which is said to bring hope. Helpful with anxiety and depression. Cherry quartz is a very powerful healing stone. One of the main healing properties is to help with anything respiratory. An excellent balancing stone for a broken or weak heart. Has similar properties to clear quartz.

    Estoric Information

    • Chakra Alignment - Heart Chakra

    Cherry-Quartz is a powerful energy and healing stone for your spirit. It will bring about a heightened spiritual awareness.It’s also an excellent stone for concentration. This makes it a must-have stone for intellectual and creative types! 

    Keep this stone in your pocket to reduce anxiety and stress. Place on your heart chakra if using for meditation

    Each stone approx weighs between 7-12g and may differ from photo as each stone is unique - Sold Individually.

    P&P: Free Delivery within the UK. Each stone comes with its own scented gift bag. and has been imbude with a healing symbol for protection and luck. 


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