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Angel Therapy Foundation Course

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This Angel Healing Certificate Course is available for immediate download. so you can start your amazing journey and gain a greater understanding in your angels and guides. 


When you learn to communicate with your angels you will soon wonder how you ever managed to live without them. 

Learning to talk to your angels is a great gift to develop, You can learn to do this on your own but you do need to practice and continue to open your mind. 

Qualification included - nothing extra to pay

NB: Your Certificate will be sent to your email address on successful completion of the exam which is included via PDF which you may print off at home.


Part 1
Lesson 1 - provides a history of the angels, explains about guardian angels and how they are always with you from the minute that you soul decides to inhabit earth, how to connect with your angels, more on angel therapy and working with angels.  This lesson then continues with information on Archangels and the angels that are closest to humanity.

Lesson 2 - teaches you about the major chakras, where they are located, what they relate to, what happens if they are blocked and what body parts they relate to. You will gain advise on setting up your angel altar, how to meditate to allow you to make contact with your angels and request that they participate in your daily life.

This lesson continues with explaining how crystals play an important part in Angel Therapy, what each stone represents and how they can help in certain situations, emotional and/or medical conditions.  Finally there is a guide on how to store you should store aromatherapy oils.

Lesson 3 - introduces the angels, what they represent and how they can help with certain situations, mental and physical conditions.

Part 2
Lesson 4 - explains the link with angels and crystals, when you should cleanse your crystals and different ways of doing this, encoding and programming your stones to focus on its abilities to help with something you need so that it becomes a useful and powerful tool. 

This lesson continues with preparation for opening up to your angels, all you need to know about practising meditation.

Lesson 5 - provides details of crystals and stones that relate to individual Archangels and their functions; this is a particularly useful tool to refer to before performing Angel Therapy as you can tailor the treatment accordingly.

Lesson 6 -  provides guidance on working with chakras and crystals to keep them balanced and flowing freely, it catalogues the different chakras, related stones and essential oils. 

This lesson then guides you on how to choose a stone to help with a particular problem; causes of blocked chakras and which stones should be used, the laying of the stones to balance treatment of the chakras and aftercare advice. Finally this concludes with combining angel therapy with other therapies and tips on Angel Card Readings. Your course includes a sample angel therapy client treatment card.

Exam included if you wish to apply for your qualification. 

This angel therapy course is accredited internationally.  We have students from all over the world whom are now working as successful angel therapists.   We are a recognized course provider with the IPHM  in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. The School of Life Studies are also accredited course providers with the IICT.

Thank you for this lovely and very sweet course on angels! As always, the material provided was very simple to follow and it also gave me the tools and the confidence to work as an Angel Healer.
I enjoyed learning to work with these entities to assist other people in re-aligning to their True Selves and in achieving self-healing. The Angels will work with anyone who asks for their help, bringing them infinite blessings and loving insights along the spiritual path. Connecting with one’s angels requires patience, love, openness, compassion and understanding, but, most of all, a willingness to experience the joy that comes from being a Spiritual Human Being on Earth.
Silvia Lanteri - Italy

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