Vegan and Vegetarian Course

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Do you want to get healthier, lose weight and help to save the planet. If you answered yes then this course is for you.

You will get a course packed with information:

Learn the difference between vegetarian diets and vegan diets

Learn about the physical benefits

How this diet will prevent disease

How to get your protein, iron, and all the vitamins you need in one diet

Who will benefit from this course:

Anyone working in the health and nutrition industry

Anyone wanting to learn how to prepare and cook healthy tasty vegan and vegetarian meals

Ideal for the Elderly, Pregnant women, Bodybuilders, Athletes, Children

Just a few of the things this course will teach you:

How to create a balanced diet

How to organise meal planning by batch cooking

Best choices when eating out

How to work as a professional Nutritionist & how set up your own clinic

Career in Health and Nutrition

We are pleased to be awarded accreditation by a number of Health Boards including the the International Practitioners of Holistics Medicine (IPHM) which means that once you have taken this course and gained your qualification of which details of how to obtain this are included, you will then be eligible to become a board certified practitioner and obtain holistic insurance cover if wishing to pursue a career and work as a professional consultant.