About Us

Mum, Daughter and Grandaughter

Trish, Lisa and Bethanie are passionate about holistic and natural healthcare and adopt a more holistic approach in their own life and work and now their aim is to promote and offer all these wonderful accredited complimentary health courses so they are affordable to everyone.

Holistic therapy is being used increasingly by individuals wanting to find more balance and harmony within themselves and we believe that holistic therapy should be available to everyone. This is why we opened our holistic store. So not only can you be assured of receving quality training at a low cost price but you can also purchase holistic products and gifts.
Lisa has many years experience as a professional carer has studied Counselling, Health and Social Care. Reiki and Crystal Healing, and has worked for many years as a professional Health and Nutrition coach.  She is now happy researching interesting new products for the store and gets excited to open new deliveries as she hopes you will be with your purchases.
Trish is a Spiritual Counsellor & Energy /Reiki Healer and experienced tarot reader. She has also worked for Private Health care and the NHS in an administrate role.
​Trish has personally been involved and interested in the spiritual side of life since she was very young.  "I developed my skill as a tarot reader from an early age and whilst in the early stages of learning l was quite overwhelmed with such conflicting instructions on how to read the cards. I realized then that when learning any new subject the simpler the instructions the more diagrams and pictures the better." With this in mind we made sure that all our courses are written in an easy to understand manner. This is one of our achievements and what keeps our students coming back for more. 
Beth has recently joined the family run business and has come in as the media and marketing manager for Study Holistics. 

We regularly update our store with new products and courses are being added regularly so please keep coming back and don't forget to check our facebook page for regular updates. 

See you soon!