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Chakra Earrings

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These beautiful stone chip Chakra earrings are a great way to symbolize that you are one with the energies of the world. Wear them proudly to dress up any outfit. Some will see their significance, while others might just see their beauty.

Each chakra is represented by a corresponding coloured crystal separated by a silver bead.

7th Chakra
Sahasrara chakra, 7th Crown of head and area just above head, Pineal gland, Spiritual connection, truth, unity consciousness, universal oneness, cosmic connection. Color: Violet Sound Mantra: MMM (completes OM that was begun in sixth chakra)

6th Chakra
Ajna Chakra, 6th Between eyebrows on forehead, third-eye, Affects Consciousness, Psychic awareness, intellect, Perception, understanding, clarity, vision, Pituitary gland, Color: blue Sound Mantra: OOO (said simultaneously with MMM from seventh chakra)

5th Chakra
Vishuddha Chakra, Throat, base of neck, behind neck, jaw Affects whole Glandular System, Thyroid and parathyroid, Creativity and expression Color: Turquoise, Sound mantra: HAM, Element: Ether

4th Chakra
Anahata Chakra, 4th Heart, Respiration, Thymus. How we give and receive love and affection Color: Green, Sound mantra: YAM, Element: Air

3rd Chakra
Manipura Chakra, 3rd Belly, behind the navel, solar plexus, Digestive System, Adrenals Personal power and how it is used. Color: Yellow, Sound: RAM, Element: Fire

2nd Chakra
Svadhishtana Chakra, 2nd Sexual Organs Sex drive, Sexual and Emotional energy, Pancreas Color: Orange, Sound Mantra: VAM, Element: Water

1st chakra
Muladhara Chakra, 1st Base of the spine, Elimination, Ovaries and testes, Survival, being grounded Color: Red, Sound mantra: LAM, Element: Earth


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