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First Aid Certificate Course

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Have you got an up to date First Aid Certificate?
If you are working with the public or would just like to know more how to help in an emergency then this first aid course is essential.

This short course covers First aid kits, Life Saving procedures and details of the Recovery position.

You will learn how to deal with burns, severe bleeding, heart attacks, asthma attacks, epileptic fits, how to do CPR on both adults and children. Shock, poisoning, objects in wounds, nose bleeds, insect bites, stings and allergic reactions, panic attacks, diabetes, dizziness, choking, breathing difficulties, spinal injuries and life saving procedures are covered in this SLS course.

This is a basic first aid course and does not enable you to offer training in this matter, however as a holder of this accredited certificate course it will show that you have undertook and understood basic medical procedure and gain an accredited certificate.

Finally there is an Appendix on medical conditions, background to them, symptoms and how they can be treated.

This course includes your exam – Your exam has approx. 25 questions including multiple choice. To receive your certificate you should submit this to us for marking. Details are sent with the course material. 

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