Chakra Healing Bracelet with Lava beads

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This Beautiful Elasticated Lava Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet with 7 Chakra Gemstone Healing Beads.

Each Handmade bracelet has its own unique natural stone. made up of black lava beads, plus seven crystal beads that are used to represent each of the chakras. Each crystal bead has been chosen because of its colour and the qualities that the crystal may posses. The bold colours against the black lava beads give the bracelet a lovely effect throughout the contrast. Each chakra bead is smooth and the bracelet itself is very comfortable to wear.

Each gemstone is carefully beaded through reinforced, strong elastic - The Lava Rock beads are for use with aromatherapy diffuser oils. Each bead measures 8-9mm on adjustable 19cm stretch elastic for a comfy feel around any sized wrist. A beautiful bracelet for women and men alike.

Amethyst/Mauve jade (Crown Chakra): Offers calmness/peace, relief stress and anxiety;

Dyed Lapis Lazuli (Third-eye Chakra): Balance, light, divinity;

Turquoise/BlueTurquoise (Throat Chakra): healing breaches in communication;

Green Aventurine/Imperial Jasper (Heart Chakra): Opportunity;

Tiger Eye (Solar Plexus): Focus, creativity;

Yellow Aventurine/Amber (Sacral Chakra): Protects;

Carnelian (Root Chakra): Strengthen body, promote power and courage

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