Aromatherapy Basic Certificate Course

In this 3 Part introduction course you will learn about holistic massage which produces physical, spiritual, emotional and a sense of harmony. Special oils that can be absorbed through the skin, their unique essences inhaled which help maximise their therapeutic properties and effects. Aromatherapy is a totally relaxing experience. This course is aimed at those of you who wish to know the basics skills involved in aromatherapy and massage. We offer a certificate with this course which will show that you have undertaken the serious study of aromatherapy and will be accredited by the IPHM and the IICT. Once you have completed this course you will have the basic knowledge and will be able to continue your studies in Advanced Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage so that you will have all the skills necessary to become a fully qualified trained massage therapist.

This course is an essential guide to becoming a fully professional aromatherapist. We do offer a certificate with this course, but do recommend that you continue your studies with the advanced course if considering this therapy as a career and to attend workshops where possible to gain hands on experience if working with the public. You can request details for the advanced diploma course on successful completion of your certificate course.

NB: Your certificate will be sent to you on successful completion via PDF which you may print off at home. Please see our qualification page if you wish to upgrade to a hard-copy.

If you are considering more than one course in massage then take a look at the Holistic Package Offer

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