Palmistry Diploma Course

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Reveal Past, Present and Future and Learn to Read Palms

Have you heard the saying “Your future lies in your own hands?” This saying is so true that when you become acquainted with the intricacies involved in Palmistry you won’t believe that it was in front of you this whole time. It will help you realise how important and useful it can be. This ancient science of reading palms is so fascinating and intriguing that even the biggest sceptics.

Course Details:

Part 1
Lesson 1
History of Palmistry
Introduction of the different hand shapes
Earth Hand
Air Hand
Fire Hand
Water Hand
What indicates a person and their fundamental personality

Lesson 2
Different Mounts of the hand
How they can look different on an individual
Their Meanings

Lesson 3
Explanation of the fingers
Thumb nails
Characteristics an individual’s personality

Part 2
Lesson 4
Principal lines of the hand
Their quality
Where the lines end and begin
Rising lines
Their meanings
Definition of the Life Line
Calculation of the different times of life - essential to the art of a Professional Palmist

Lesson 5
Definition of the Head Line
Lines of interference - further describe an individual’s character

Lesson 6
Definitions of the Heart Line - emotional part of the makeup of a person
Fate Line - deals with careers and the path that a person can take

Part 3
Lesson 7
Minor Lines of the Hand - describe an individual’s personality and can also help them with their future choices and direction
Medical Stigmata
Lines of Marriage
Line of Mercury
Bracelets of Neptune
Ring of Saturn
Ring of Solomon
Girdle of Venus
Lines of Mars
Line of Apollo

Lesson 8
Other Signs
Exercise for students to practice their new learnt skills in Palmistry and consolidate what they have read.

All Study Holistic courses are accredited internationally. We are a recognised course provider with the IPHM in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. Study Holistic is also an accredited course provider with the IICT.

Exam is included in the course if wishing to apply for your accredited diploma. Your diploma will be sent as a pdf attachment on successful completion. Details are included in the course material. 

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