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Feng Shui Diploma Course

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Just some of the Benefits of Feng Shui are: 

  • Enhance your health, wealth & happiness
  • Reduce harmful and negative energy that will affect you
  • Create balance, harmony & positive energy in your environment
  • Improve and maintain good relationships and your love life
  • Improve your career options and business

With some very simple alterations to your immediate environment you can bring harmony into your life. Feng Shui is about removing blocks in your life and creating good energy, so that you can move forward on your personal path in a positive way. 

Who will benefit from this course?  This course will enable you to beneficially alter your life and give you the skills to help others it will help improve every area of your life, including your luck, health, career, prosperity, close relationships and receptiveness to becoming more spiritual and educated in every day life.

Course Details: 

Part 1
Introduction and History of Feng Shui
Understanding Chi
Working with Chi
Feng Shui Fundamentals
The Five Elements
How to use the Ba Gua

Part 2
Tips on choosing a dwelling
Assessing rooms
Enhancing areas of the home
Understanding the 9 Feng Shui sectors
Feng Shui for fertility, love, career, prosperity etc..

Part 3
All-purpose Feng Shui cures
Working with mirrors, lights and crystals
Traditional Feng Shui symbols and their uses
Chinese art and Buddha’s

Exam is included if you wish to apply for your qualification. Details are sent with the course material. 

Accredited internationally. We are a recognized course provider with the IPHM  in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and the UK and World Wide. The School of Life Studies are also accredited course providers with the IICT

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