Top Tips to make the most of dark nights.

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The seasons are changing, days are getting shorter, Here’s a few things you can do to help you get through the darkest days of the year!

  • Meditation - sit comfortably on the floor or a chair with your back straight, Visualize your inner light, maybe a candle, light bulb or fire, breathe with your light and then breathe into your inner light, give it the attention it needs to become stronger and grow brighter inside you! 
  • Sleep more - how good is this one? Humans are made to hibernate in winter, if you need a nap, take a nap, if you want to go to bed earlier, go to bed earlier, don’t be upset with yourself, give yourself the luxury of proper rest! 
  • Lighten up - Do more of what makes you feel brighter, wear bright coloured clothes, put on your fave music, wear your favorite perfume, buy yourself some flowers - you are worth it! 
  • Book a treatment - why not treat yourself to a Reiki Session, or Energy Healing treatment, All Holistic Healing Modalities will help you feel lighter, brighter and more refreshed. It will help you get through the darker days and it’s mega good for your immune system.
  • Do something you love - go to the movies, meet with friends that make you laugh, go that show or concert you always wanted to, doing things you love will keep you happy and you’ll feel amazing with all that renewed light 
  • Snuggle - get that favorite blanket out, snuggle up with family members, friends, dogs, cats, teddy bears, use the dark nights to snuggle up with next to a loved one! And if you are off work why not allow yourself a duvet day.
  • Comfort food - this is my fave, your body needs comfort food in winter, dog that slow cooker out or make that recipe you have been dying to try, remember not to overload on the carbs and sugar though this will just make you feel more lethargic, why not try new veggie soups, herbal teas, a pinch or two of spice in your hot meal

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