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Inside a Tarot Reading. Have you ever wondered what it is like to learn Tarot? Read a genuine case study written by a student who has studied the Professional tarot Reading Course.

Tarot cards

I prepped myself and my environment prior to the client visit, I cleansed and cleared the space as well as myself by burning sage and requesting the area be cleared of anything that wasn’t for the greater good and in the client’s best interest of the highest vibration and the highest frequency. I opened my Chakras to tune in to the higher light, brought in protection for myself as to not pick up any unwanted energies.

I chose my Tarot pack of choice and had everything set out, with water available in the space ready for the client to arrive.

Introducing my client to tarot.

I opened my Deck and showed the cards to the client asking if she had ever had her cards read before, she hadn't, so I explained how it worked and that Tarot shows possibilities of how things could go, I helped my client relax, explaining it is less confusing for the cards if she has a distinct idea of what she has come here to ask, and she holds that in her thoughts when shuffles the cards, every time she shuffled the cards, it would be good to have the same theme in her mind for continuity.

I shuffled the cards releasing the energy over to her and then I asked her to shuffle with her intended question in mind, explained that she could take as long as she wanted and when she felt it was right to stop then to do so, then split the cards in to 3 piles and reassemble them back together in whatever order she felt right, and I will take from the top down.

Clients Question
She told me that she was here to find out where to go next, with regards to a small business she was just starting to grow.
As the client was shuffling 2 cards fell out, I picked them up and put them to one side to include once I had completed the 1st reading, they were Queen of Pentacles and the 7 of Pentacles.


Card 1 present – Knight of Wands
The question is around the business and where to go next, to me this says at present the business is moving forward it is something she is passionate about and loves, changing the current situation and its moving in good positive direction.

Card 2 Immediate challenge - Knight of Swords
Her challenge lies in the fact that things are about to move a bit fast, and she has difficulty keeping her attention in one place. Like a storm in a tea cup she rushes in impetuously with things and sometime just needs to take ab breath and step back to look at things objectively.

Card 3 Distant past – 3 of Pentacles
She has been working towards making a profit in the business and has also been through a time of great personal growth in which she has been following her passion.

Card 4 Recent Past – Page of Cups
She has been birthing herself and her new business with creativity and love, this is a real passion of hers and it’s all very new with good ideas coming in.

Card 5 Best Outcome – Knight of Pentacles
There is going to be a lot to do, you are going to be very busy and practical and there will be a lot of hard work, but you will accomplish a lot, although it will be slow and steady, make plans that can help as there will be much to think about so by being practical and getting it down on paper it will help with everything you will have on.

Card 6 Immediate Future – Death
Don’t worry Death does not mean death, it’s actually a beautiful card and happens to be my most favourite one in the pack, especially with this question as it means You and the business are going through a big transformation at the moment, it is changing for the better, you are clearing out the old to make way for the new and what’s to come which is an absolute beginning of a fresh, positive new start.

Card 7 Factors affecting the situation – Three of Swords
With the fresh new start, you are bringing the old to an end and this is quite heart-breaking, you are going through this big transformation but it’s quite painful to let go of the past, you aren’t betraying yourself you are just moving forward, this is a time of growth and a situation you will learn from.

Card 8 External influences – Nine of Wands
You have the strength to do all this, to build what you are about to and protect what you have, this transformational change you and the business are going through right now is going to be a success and whatever challenges you are feeling with what is happening you have the inner strength and stability to deal with it.

Card 9 Hopes and fears – Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups is all about a happy home life, your hopes are around being stable in your home, the Queen is very psychic and intuitive and has a big heart and good relationships, she is happy and content

Card 10 Final Outcome – The Sun
It looks like your hopes will come true, as the Sun is one of the nicest cards in the pack, it means happiness and Joy, plans will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It can also mean children and as the business is new I would say its good news around the birthing of a new business.

Cards that fell out
Queen of Pentacles -
Motherly woman with a good head for Business, remember to Nurture yourself as well as others
7 of Pentacles
Lots of planning, and slowly does it, long term plans will work out, lots of hard work to be put it but be patient and be persistent.

So the question of where to go next, is answered by there is going to be a big transformation that will change things and things will be sent in s positive direction, something will end and something new will begin, you have to be practical about it you can’t go rushing in to things take a step back and plan, make good solid plans and foundations in which to grow and build, you will be busy and it will be good hard work, it won’t be over night but it will be successful, this is something you love doing so you won’t mind doing the hard work, and it won’t even feel like hard work either, you have the strength and the self-confidence to do all of this and for all your hard work you will get your happy, stable, successful business and home life you want.
There was a grouping of 3 x knights which means a small gathering of Men, there will be a situation happening with there will be a business gathering and the this will be influential for the business.

Celtic cross spread


After the first part of the reading I decided to run the spread of the Cross Spread as that might give more insight on where to go next for her Business, I gathered up the cards, with her more defined intention set, I asked her to shuffle the cards once more, once she was done shuffling I asked her to pick 6 cards out of the pack at random.

Card 1 The Past – Queen of Cups
This card is telling me that you have been sympathetic, honest and loving towards your business and its clientele, with a big heart building on your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Card 2 Obstacles – The Magician
You are finding it difficult to take the initiative and see being self employed as a bit of an obstacle, its stopping you it is a new project and it is a risk, it’s almost like the work and the business itself is your obstacle, but anything is possible here and just need to be more self-confident in the business and yourself, your gifts and your talents as it will be a success. Trust in the new beginning.

Card 3 influences in your favour – Death
The good thing is this absolute fresh new start, this complete ending of the old way of thinking about you and your business taking you in to this transformational new birth of the next phase.

Card 4 Near Future – Knight of Swords
Things will start to move forward with confidence and lots of practical activity, changes will be coming in and they will be quick.

Card 5 Long Term Future - Tower
There will be a complete change from where things are right now, it will be very different, and it will shake everything up to the core, it will be like things are upside down and seen from a completely different perspective, it will be life changing.

Card 6 Final Outcome - King of Wands
Travel will be important here all be it travel within yourself or physically, but you need to see the bigger picture and take the lead, whilst being kind and generous.

You need to have more confidence in yourself and your business and lead it in to the direction you want it to go in, it will bring in an absolute new direction and change in your life that will be like nothing you are doing right now, and complete change this absolute change will start to come in and be quite quick, but as with mentioned in the last reading, bring it back a bit and slow it down there will be a lot going on so plan how you will get there, plan and lead it in to the rebirth of life you and the business will have.

The client shuffled the cards, again with the same subject in mind, once she completed this, I fanned out the cards on the table and asked her to pick 13 cards at random from the Pack

calender spread

Card 1 September - The Lovers
New happy relationships, following your heart with the business making decisions from the heart will bring in an amazing partnership with you are your business, making some soul connection relationships along the way, this business with bring in your tribe as well as develop for the better both yourself and it.

Card 2 October – Page of Pentacles
Good news coming in with good opportunities, there are educational interests that will prove to be worthwhile and successful.

Card 3 November – Ten of Cups –
Lovely card bringing in Success, happiness, and family celebrations, there will be peace at this time and good relationships, there is a hint of a romantic partnerships that could be drawn in through what you are going to be doing.

Card 4 December – Eight of Wands
Swiftness and an end to delays, there will be a travelling forward and things will move quickly, it may be a bit overwhelming, but your plans will move forward, put the foundation plans in place so the swiftness will be manageable

Card 5 January – Ace of Cups
Very Positive fresh new start, you will be beginning a new and positive experience for the business, it often shows a new relationship coming in, but it will be new, fresh and very positive.

Card 6 February – Two of Cups
This is a time of Partnership, as this is around business it could be new business partnerships, love for your business a deep understanding of the direction you are going in, but it could also mean someone you may meet through the business who will bring understanding, love, harmony, and a happy relationship.

Card 7 March –The Devil
Strong attraction and unbreakable bonds. Could develop unhealthy attachments to your business or a person. Release feelings of helplessness and fear, and let go of negative thinking, it might all feel a bit much but if you just release in to it and don’t let it get too obsessive then it should be fine.

Card 8 April – Six of Swords
There will be another change for the better, there will be movement on a situation and problems will be solved.

Card 9 May – The Hierophant
This is a time for Spiritual matters, a place of learning about yourself in a higher form, who you are from your true core, what the business is from the spiritual standpoint, a time for teaching or to be taught.

Card 10 June – The Star
Hopes and wishes come true, success and the making of plans, difficulties will fade and things will be successful.

Card 11 July – Five of Swords
There will be some kind of upset, and you will feel like you have lost a battle but no need to worry just cut your losses and move on it isn’t the disaster you think it is even though it will bring in upset.

Card 12 August – Ten of Pentacles
Wealth and success, you will find this to be a good month where you will find financial stability and your home life will be happy and stable.

Card 13 September – Seven of Wands
Stand firm and claim your personal power, this will be a time to draw on your inner strength and stand up for what you believe in, this will be a good learning situation for you and your business.

This is going to be an interesting year for both you and your business, it looks like your business with grow the thrive as will you, but it will take you in a completely different direction to where you are right now, you have a love and a passion for the business that will take it through anything and it looks like there is a strong love interest that will come in and will happen through the path you are taking with the work you are going to do.

Over all a really positive reading for you and your business yes it will be hard work and seem a bit slow going at times, but keep things practical and plan your way forward, there will be a big change and shift in your current situation which will be completely different to where you are now and there will be a brand new beginning coming in. There will be a little bit more studying and what looks like a soul connection relationship.

The client expressed she was extremely happy with the reading and understood all of what I was saying, She left feeling excited for the future, which was fantastic, I did explain that it was wise to wait at least 3-6 months before she sought another Tarot reading.


I would highly recommend the Tarot Course to anyone who was interested in doing holistic online courses. The course was easy to learn and simple to follow.
If I had any queries I sent an email and always received a prompt reply.
It was also helpful to have a number of suggested books to read and other items in the shop.
I will definitely be purchasing further courses in the near future

Thank you


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