How do you see angels?

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As you are reading this, your guardian angel is no doubt looking over​

The angels are all around us and they appear in a multitude of forms. However a veil separates us from the ability to see heaven and earth as a single unit and so makes it almost impossible to see angels.

Almost impossible. For children, this veil is thinner and their beliefs are not clouded with fear, so many children can naturally see angels. Sometimes parents see their children talking to ‘imaginary’ friends. This could possibly be their guardian angel communicating or playing with the child.

People who are close to death often report seeing a vision of an angel coming to take them home. Those who are grieving the loss of a loved one are also more open to receiving a visitation from angels.

Another way of angels making themselves known to people is during their dream state. Many who have had this experience say it seemed very real even though they knew it was a dream.

If you have ever seen flashes or sparkles of light around you, seen a shadow of someone or something out of the corner of your eye, these can be manifestations of an angels’ presence around you.

When divine intervention takes place in a life threatening situation, the angels can provide assistance by overlaying their celestial energy on another person. This chosen person may be completely unaware that this is occurring and they may act instinctively.

So, if you see someone saving another's life and they appear to be ‘in the right place at the right time’, it is entirely possible that you are witnessing an angel performing a miracle.

So Who can see angels? Anyone can open their awareness to see angels. All it takes is an open mind and heart and a desire to see beyond the veil.

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