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How to feng shui a childs Bedroom.

A child’s bedroom is regarded somewhat differently in feng Shui and ideally should be situated in the south eastern sector of your home if you live in the south then it should be situated in the North eastern sector. This will ensure that the life giving energy of the rising sun will benefit the health of your child with abundant chi.
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It is considered favourable if your child’s bedroom is of rectangular shape, with natural light, good ventilation and in close proximity to the parents’ bedroom, this is something to take into account if you are buying a new home however the majority of us are just looking for ways to feng shui the room we already have. If your child’s room is naturally dark then a mobile or wind chime should be hung outside the window if this is not possible hanging it within the window is fine. Ideally the child’s window should look out onto life. A view of a garden, with shrubbery and healthy plants is perfect. As is a busy street buzzing with life however if this is the case adding a touch of greenery will create the necessary chi in the room. Fresh air is a must for good feng shui especially in children's rooms where there is a constant influx of toys, gadgets; clothing, books, etc. open the windows often.

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Look at what your child sees every day. A happy family photo visible from the child's bed is comforting to see before they fall asleep and when they wake up. It will remind them they are part of a happy family when they are alone in their room. Posters of Rabbits, kittens, puppies and favourite cartoon characters are non-threatening and comforting for the little ones. Try and get to know the meaning behind the images in your teenager's room and keep the cool "negatives" to a minimum.

Light greens should be a prominent colour in a child’s room. Soft organic furnishing, woollen carpets, wood panelling and wallpaper all relate to the element wood and growth. If the child is a boy an addition of blues and cool colours will add balance to his character the opposite is true for girl’s warm yang tones like oranges and yellows will encourage self-confidence.

The child’s bed should not face the door or window and should have a wall at the headboard and along one side, Children should frequently clear out the space under their beds, My youngest daughters is a catchall for trash and treasures however this creates "stuck" energy. So teach them to clear that clutter!

The main Feng shui goal in transforming your child’s room is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. A Childs room that has been created with feng shui will serve as an emotional and physical support during your child’s growth. By creating a comfortable harmonious bedroom your child is sure to have a good night’s rest. And we all know a good night’s rest makes for a refreshed and healthy child.


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