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Usually when your subconscious brings colour to your dreams it means that your conscious mind wants you to focus clearly and remember the whole of the dream.

Dreaming in colour can mean you are beginning to understand who you really are, how you affect other people , what gives you great joy and happiness in life and what creates harmony dreaming in colour means you are opening up to your total form.

Dreaming in colour doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in the dream is in one colour, but if your dream is dominated by one particular colour there may be a significant chakra your dream is relating to.


We have 7 main chakras, The chart above shows you the location, colour and function of each chakra. All the data that your senses collect throughout the day are stored through the chakras in your aura. The lack of balance in your chakras can often be reflected in your dreams.

Red (root chakra)
Dreaming of red can represent a deep emotion or perhaps a problem being blocked. It could relate to a sexual experience. Dreaming of red is often a way of releasing or letting go of feelings that you are perhaps having difficulty letting go of in you waking life. The deeper the red the stronger the emotion. Dreaming of a deep red could also be a warning or represent concerns your perhaps having about the subject of your dream. The deeper the colour the deeper the concern perhaps you are striving for success but your struggling with confidence. If your dream is quite vivid or a little frightening your subconscious is trying to stop you from ignoring the problem.

Orange (Sacral Chakra)
Dreaming of orange often represents stored nervous energy or anxiety. A dream featuring this colour could be a signal that these stored feelings are having an effect on your health, perhaps you are just exhausted and need to rest. You could try meditation or exercise to remove your  nervous energy.  Dreaming in orange could also be a warning that because of your anxieties a situation is not going as you would like. A dream like this can help you to re-evaluate things and help you manage them. 

Yellow (solar plexus chakra)
Dreaming of yellow indicates that you possess great confidence and you are making the right choice at the right time. Yellow usually signifies opportunities and achievement. If the dream is about your career this could mean that you are going to be very successful. Dreaming in yellow is sure sign that you are in harmony with yourself and your life. This colour indicates you are making progress in either you spiritual or physical life.

Green (heart chakra)
Green is a confusing colour and no matter what shade is an emotional colour. A love ly lush green field can indicate that you are healthy and in love with life whilst deeper tones can indicate jealousy.  Green is a confronting colour that strives towards enhancing your ability to understand both your own and others perspectives and to strike balanced decisions

Blue (throat chakra)
Blue is the colour of communication. Representing clarity of mind and optimisim for the future Dreaming of this colour may suggest a feeling, need or desire to get away from a situation.  Blue in your dreams can also symbolize your Spirit Guide guiding you.  Blue is an excellent colour to be dreaming of especially if you are in a position that requires a great deal of communication.

Indigo is a colour of thought and reflection. Dreaming in indigo may indicate that you are feeling quite restless with your life it could also represent that you are on a spiritual quest or searching for new challenges or direction in your life.  Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your goals.

Violet is a very spiritual colour and dreaming in this colour should encourage you to look at the spiritual aspects of your life. Dreaming in indigo

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