Do our dreams have a meaning?

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Every night we dream of things that puzzle and sometimes even amaze us, two to three hours a night we travel to a land where everyday rules are waived and anything and everything is possible. People fly, Cats and dogs talk, your gold fish can walk, and loved ones who have left us return and speak to us again.

I believe it is no accident that we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep and most of that is in dream sleep. It is a major part of our life. So to me it is clear that sleeping isn't just about giving our bodies the much needed time to relax but an opportunity for us to dream.

So what purposes does dreaming have?

It can help clarify problems, perhaps even take pressure of us when times are hard, it helps us develop creativity, and it can reveal inner feelings towards others and give insight into our motivation. It can even rehearse our future success.

Dreams have fascinated people for thousands of years, throughout history dreams have been used in the diagnosis of illness, problem solving, even as warnings. Scientist Albert Einstein, artist Salvador Dali, and author Robert Luis are just a few great thinkers that have been inspired by their own dreams.

So do our dreams have a meaning?  

A dream I used to have often and I still remember so clearly is my teeth crumbling. Now I am aware I have not got the best teeth and I have had problems with them in the past. So could this could be a possible reason to why I would have this dream.  Or could it mean something more?  I believe it does.

A dream about my crumbling teeth could also be a pun on the word “crumbling”: So typically, when things are getting out of control or are being destroyed under some pressure, we sometimes say that they “crumble”. So dreaming of crumbling teeth could indicate that this destructive dynamic is playing in your life.

Another possible interpretation for this type of teeth dream is about fear of physical aging, losing teeth as they crumble being a symbol of the effect of aging.  It can also be a reminder of consequences of a decision you’ve made. It apparently symbolizes a compromise that is costly to you or possibly to people close to you.

So my teeth dream seems to be closely related to the idea of things falling apart, both literally and symbolically I used to have this dream a lot when I was going through a breakup with my husband. So this to me would make perfect sense.

 Perhaps you would like to further interpret your dream, f so look no further I have put together a few tips to interpret your own dreams

Tips to interpret your own dreams.

A good way to interpret your own dreams would be to firstly ask yourself how you feel in the dream.  Try and pay special attention to your experience or feelings, Do the feelings in the dream relate to your current life? What was your mood when you woke up? Who were in your dream, family friends, colleagues?  If you were in the dream how were you behaving were you angry? Sad? Aggressive?  Assertive? Passive?

Keep a note book by your bed and enter today's date. Record your dream as soon as you wake up, you could perhaps draw images that stood out to you or were particularly strong. Write down any names,

  • Try not to sensor your dreams, even if they do appear foolish or irrelevant.
  • If you are in a hurry try and write down keywords that stood out to you.
  • Don’t underestimate your dream whilst writing it up.
  • Perhaps give your dream a title.

The one person that is going to understand and interpret your dream is YOU! It was you that had the dream so you are the one that holds the key to it. Your dream is about your life so you are your own best expert.


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