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When our students learn a new therapy we ask them to complete a case study. This not only helps them gain more confidence in treating their friends and family but if wishing to become a fully accredited holistic therapist then its important they have the skills necessary. Our courses are specially written to offer everyone the chance to learn a new complimentary therapy and below is an example of a case study from one of our new students.

Case study

Over a phone-call I had spoken to my client the day before, which meant I could get an idea of the crystal healing treatment they would want, this also meant I could prepare the room, and crystals that I felt would be needed for the treatment.

After going through the sample treatment card and understanding that my client had no real health issues, they explained to me that they had suffered with anxiety and stress in the past and had recently given up work to spend more time at home, meaning they were able to focus more on themselves before deciding on whether they would be going back to work. They had already been to a few therapy sessions to work on their anxiety and had practiced meditation but felt another treatment to help reduce stress levels and release any negativity could also be a benefit to them. After the initial discussion, we arranged the time and I advised them to wear comfortable clothing and had suggested leggings and a long sleeve top/ or jumper.

Based on the conversation I had, I wanted to make sure the environment for the treatment would be as relaxing and tranquil as possible but unfortunately, I do not have a treatment room, so I used the space in my lounge. I used my massage couch and had laid out towels and a blanket. I made sure the large light was off, but I had a table lamp and a few candles lit, along with the radiator being on so the room was warm, and at a nice temperature. Before my client arrived, I sprayed a little lavender around the room, and had the lavender oil in the oil burner ready.

When she arrived, she seemed a little tense, so before we started I went through the treatments I had decided for her and once she knew and felt more comfortable with the situation I asked her to lay down on the massage couch, arms by her side, but feet slightly apart, eyes closed and to take a few deep breathes to help with the relaxation process.

I thought it would be best to start by clearing away any negative energy she may have or had felt so started with the clearing process. I started by placing the 6 clear quartz crystals around the body- starting at the crown chakra I placed one crystal above the head, 2 crystals on either side of the elbows, 2 crystals on either side of the knees and 1 crystal between the client’s feet. I placed my hands above the client’s head and asked, ‘that they be given healing for their highest good’. I then walked around the client with the generator crystal, as I needed to link the energies of the crystals together and create a protection around the body. I walked around 5 times, and then I moved away, and I asked her to carry on laying there for a few minutes and then asked her to open her eyes when ready. Once she opened her eyes she immediately told me that she had felt a little lighter but yet protected, but couldn’t explain the feeling…

I wanted to make sure she felt as relaxed as possible, so before this treatment I had explained the process, and had advised that I would be walking around her, so the crystals could connect.

After this I thought it would be good to try and open and balance out the 7 chakras. As my client had said that she wanted to try and get rid of negative energy and bring back some positivity this felt like it was a good treatment because it could give the feeling of a ‘new start’ and possibly a feeling of being refreshed.

I kept the 6 quartz crystals where they were and had already chosen the stones to use for this practice, which I had cleansed in water the night before, so they were ready. Starting from the Crown I used Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli for the Brow, Sodalite for the Throat, Jade for the Heart, Citrine for the Solar Plexus, Carnelian for the Sacral and Red Jasper for the Root chakra. Again, I used the same generator to link the crystals from the outside walking around the body 5 times, and then used the generator between the 7 chakra stones by moving the crystal up and down the body- in line with the 7 stones. I then used my hands to try and balance out the energy, smoothing out where I felt like there was a build-up or a blockage of energy. Based on the client having suffered from anxiety in the past I wanted to concentrate a little more on the Brow and Heart Chakra, as these connect and can help with stress, anxiety and anger.

After I felt that the energy flow was quite smooth I used the figure of 8 movement to seal the aura and asked my client to stay laid down and relaxed and to wait a few minutes and again I would ask her to open her eyes when ready.
Eyes open I asked my client how she felt/ or if she had felt anything and again she said she felt lighter, like something had lifted but it was quite difficult to explain. She also explained that she felt more relaxed, and her shoulders had dropped into a more comfortable position – less tense and a sense of ‘ahhhh’ like a good sigh.

Before the 2nd treatment I had explained to my client, where I would be placing the stones, and that I would be walking around connecting the crystals, the stones and the energies together.

I left the room for a few minutes, so my client could be on her own; in-case she needed some time to think, or reflect on the treatment more, and it also gave her some time to ‘come out’ of the treatment and sit up from the lay down position.

When she was ready, we sat down and she explained that surprisingly she felt more comfortable then she had anticipated; the massage couch was put together nicely, and she appreciated the extra towels and blanket for comfort. She also liked the room layout and loved the smell of lavender which really helped her to feel relaxed. The treatment was quicker then she thought, but overall, she enjoyed the treatment and advised that she would defiantly come back, and what other options there were for crystal healing in the future.

I went through some of the aftercare and explained that she may feel differently- a feeling of tiredness, maybe some emotion, or possibly a feeling or a burst of new energy. Also, to stay hydrated and to contact me if she had any further questions.

Review & Improvements
Because this was my first session I wanted to try and keep it quite simple but still effective, and felt that the clearing of negative energy, and then the balancing of the chakras would be enough and if my client wanted to come back and have another treatment then I could do the above again and then use one of the layout’s in lesson 8. I was happy with the treatment and felt that the atmosphere of the room really helped, and my client come out feeling less stressed, and more relaxed which was one of the things we wanted to happen.

I am hoping that the more treatments I come to do then my confidence will grow, and I won’t need a check-list by my side, but this was helpful with the all the key bits noted down.

What I would do differently!
Next time I need to make sure I walk around the client more slowly and to also make sure I connect the crystals & chakra stones with the correct times. I only walked around the client and connected the clear quartz 5 times, and not the 7 as advised. At the end of the chakra treatment I moved the energy away- but I need to make sure I say a thank you at the end of the practice to finalize it.

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