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Archangel Michael (“who is like god”)

According to the book of Revelation, there are seven Archangels who stand in the presence of God. Michael is known as the first angel created by god. The Angels are often divided into groupings, called a Hierarchy. The Archangels act as messengers in service to God, ready to carry out the divine and most important decrees to humans.

Archangel Michael (“who is like god”) is known as the Archangel of Strength and Courage and is often seen wielding a sword or spear. Other symbols that often represent Michael often include banners and scales. The colours blue and purple are most associated with Archangel Michael. Michael is known for his exceptional strength and courage and is the leader who reigns as head of all the Angels. Michael will fight for the good to prevail over evil. And will protect and defend all those who love God. Archangel Michael inspires Truth, patience and Love. In Catholicism, he is the patron angel of policemen who guides and guards them as they work to protect us. And he is also the one who leads our souls to heaven.

You should call upon Archangel Michael when you feel you need protection He can help boost your strength and clear negativity from any space including your mind and heart. Whenever you feel afraid or uneasy call upon Michael ask him to be your bodyguard he will escort, guide and protect you. You will always be safe under his powerful protection.

Here is a short prayer that you can use to call upon Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, I AM making a conscious choice to call out to you in those times when I feel troubled, afraid or when I feel the world is closing in on me. Through all difficult times I know to call on you and to ask you to fight my battles for me. God gave you the great ability to fight battles and now I turn my troubles over to you. God trusts you and I trust you, because you work for God. My Life is easy and effortless because you are part of it.

Through Jesus Christ's Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. – Amen

If you are not so good at remembering prayers do not worry you can write this down and read from a piece of paper you could also try a short visualization technique

Try and visualize Archangel Michael holding his sword  surrounded by a blue and purple light. Imagine Archangel Michael surrounding you with this strong light for protection. Visualize the sword of light cutting away the negativity from your life then ask him for the strength and courage to follow your divine life path.

Most importantly always remember to say Thank you to your angels and believe that your situation is being taken care of. You can continue for the rest of the day to surround yourself with Archangel Michael’s strong blue/purple light.

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Now Trust because Archangel Michael and his angels will be looking after you.

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