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The first impression of an angel card deck might not be that different from a tarot card deck but the differences are many in fact. Tarot cards have their basis in metaphysical concepts like numerology and alchemy etc. for furnishing humans with useful information. On the other hand, angel cards are used to collect information through the etheric realms, the art of which can only be learned from experts like the angel healers. The angel card reading is the result of the interaction between a seeker and the angel’s response to that seeking.
Angel cards are said to have their origin in oracle cards which were popular with gypsies. The oracle cards comprised of symbolic pictures which possessed precise meanings. While the origination of the oracle cards is uncertain, it is said without a doubt that these cards were very popular in France during the nineteenth century. In fact it is said that Marie Anne Adelaide used to be so famous at that time that she used to dazzle the affluent and the powerful with her finest skills with these oracle cards. That’s why the deck bearing her name is still considered the most popular card deck today.

Angel cards have access to the energies of angels who are the symbol of love and protection for humanity. They follow the divine rules and care for the welfare of the human beings. They are the spiritual beings who provide us with knowledge and guidance.

The insights that these angels provide regarding human events span all the areas of human knowledge but the spiritual knowledge is particularly their focus. The angel cards have specific meanings about which only the angel cards advisors have a deep knowledge. The specific messages that these cards provide mostly give encouragement and affirmation to those who are facing severe challenges in their lives.

In this reading, it happens that a reader picks up an angel card from the card spread. Each card in a particular spread possesses specific meanings that only readers can decipher. The readers could select any number of cards from one to six, depending on the seeker’s questions and the circumstances during the reading. It is also important to note that different readers use different card decks for their reading. The numbers of these cards vary according to the type of decks readers use. Typically, a deck contains about 36 cards. It is important to remember that these decks not only differ in their relative sizes but also in their meanings, imageries and symbols etc. Some of the most popular decks are with the names of Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, Kimberly Marooney, Ambika Wauters and Melanie Beckler.

​One card provides information for a day’s insight, two also for a day’s insight but with additional information. Three cards, if drawn, can reveal how your body, mind and soul are influenced. Four cards are to show your current challenges in life along with the way to apply this knowledge in your own life while a six card shows the influences regarding a central issue in your life.
An angel card reading is useful if you are seeking guidance regarding your life path. Often the pleasant and calming messages of the cards help in soothing your emotions. If peace and tranquility is what you desire, then this is perfect for you. Following are some of the basic angel cards along with their descriptions:

The Ariel card has the meanings of both great courage and prosperity. Archangel Ariel helps us trust that nothing is impossible if one shows the courage and the will to fight the odds in order to attain the desired result.
Archangel Ariel is popularly known as the regulator of the underworld and the overseer of nature who has appeared in many of the Holy writings also. She has the duty of punishing the transgressors. Ariel, the spirit of nature, is also mentioned in the plays of Shakespeare where she gets the secret knowledge in the place of Prospero.
Ariel works with Raphael in the matters of helping animals, birds and fish etc. Ariel looks over the physical universe of the stars, sun, moon and other heavenly bodies etc. So it can be said that Ariel is deeply involved in the physical aspects of the Earth, therefore if your need concerns the Earth’s ecology, air, oceans or animals etc., then you should try to call Ariel for help and guidance.
As Ariel controls the natural resources of our planet, therefore the angel’s mission is to seek fair treatment between animals and human beings. It is the angel’s duty to ensure shelter, food, water and other necessities of life. In short, the angel tries to meet all your Earthly needs on this planet.
Ariel helps in the interaction of humans with its nature. She is the angel who can come to your help when you are camping and hiking etc. Not only the physical realm, she can only help you to connect with fairies and other spiritual beings if you are willing and seek her help with full concentration. The benevolent beings that you will connect with through the help of Ariel will populate your gardens, blossom your flowers and thicken your trees. Apart from that, Ariel can heal animals, wild or domesticated, if they are injured.

Chamuel is often confused with the angel Samael who is known for darkness and destruction. Most likely this confusion stems from their similar sounding name.
Chamuel is the archangel of the Pseudo-Dionysian teachings. Chamuel is known for having the omniscient vision, therefore the angel knows the link between everyone and everything.
His duties include the spreading of peace among human beings even when the times are turbulent, as the angel is the symbol of universal peace. The angel ensures this peace through helping human beings find the things that they are seeking. Through his omniscient vision, he can spot every missing item or find the solution to any problem that mankind faces.
When you are in need, you can seek the help of Chamuel to improve your relationships, find a better job or attain your life’s purpose etc. The angel knows the will of God, therefore seek his help and he will help you find the thing you desire.

Gabriel and Michael are the only two archangels mentioned in the Bible. Gabriel is mentioned in the Old Testament as helping Daniel in understanding his visions. The New Testament also mentions Gabriel as the angel who makes the announcement of two great forthcoming births, Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. According to scriptures, Archangel Gabriel is considered as the supreme messenger of God.
The archangel Gabriel has mostly been shown as feminine in the art portraits. That’s why Gabriel is mostly associated with communication and birth etc.
The angel Gabriel is said to work very closely with Mother Mary to take care of sensitive children. The archangel is deeply involved with the children’s welfare because the angel cares a great deal about them, which is why the angel even guides the adults who want to help their little ones. Therefore, in the matters of children, always ask Gabriel for help.
Besides, the archangel also helps other earthly figures like artists, teachers and actors etc. The angel helps people to ace their skills in various departments. Gabriel also creates opportunities so you could work in the career of your own choosing.

The archangel Azrael is generally known as the angel of death because he helps people in leaving this physical realm to enter the spiritual one. He also assists people to adjust to the new realm after they have left the physical realm for good. He assists through bringing divine love and healing through materials that were helpful in healing on the earth. He especially helps those people who are shattered by grief due to any lasting incident or loss; he comforts their souls and brings peace in their grief stricken hearts. Also, the figures like nurses, spiritual teachers and counselors etc. get help from him because they also assist those who are coping with grief.

The angel also relays messages from heaven to the earth in order to make the loved ones communicate with their God. He makes the communication better by bringing clarity between this world and the spiritual world.
Therefore, if someone is experiencing grief and sorrow, then he/she should ask for his help because he possesses a calming energy in order to soothe people in their grief times. He extends his helping hand by healing those shattered hearts and allowing people to cope with their emotions.

Angel card reading is a skill that needs proper training from those who are experts like the angel healers and energy healers who have worked extensively to gain the mastery in this field. Therefore, anyone attempting to be an expert themselves should consult those who know this trade the best.
If you are curious how angel card reading is done, then please check out this link download your free guide on how to read Angel Cards here:

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