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Do you often find yourself feeling stuck with your work and you just don't know how to proceed? Maybe you feel that you're just too stressed to work and you don't get things done. For many of us, stress has become a daily thing. But it's not something we should get used to. We need to enjoy life and de-stress. In this post, we'll share some of the steps you can take to clear your head so that the next time you're back on your desk, you can work better.

1. Talk to Someone
A good way to reduce your stress is by talking to someone. It can be your partner, your friend, or your parent. Just talk about the obstacles and problems that you are going through. Talking can help you come up with the possible solutions because you can bounce off your thoughts with another person. Or they can also give you some good advice. Whenever you're feeling stressed, take the time to sit down and talk with someone rather than contemplating by yourself.

2. Unwind and Read a Book
By reading, you can get away momentarily from whatever it is that is causing you stress. Take the time to learn about something new that interests you. That will get your mind working. You can gain new insight and advice from books and magazines or even articles on the Internet. Reading can give you some peace of mind and help you to relax.

3. Write It All Down
Maybe you're too overwhelmed by your thoughts that's why you've been feeling stressed lately. Try to untangle your thoughts by writing it in a journal. One by one, write about the things that worry you. Is it work? Is it family issues? Be as detailed as you can so you can get to the roots of your problem. When you've written all of your problems, have another column where you would write the possible solutions. They don't have to be the big solutions immediately. Just write the doable steps that you can take so that you can move closer to solving them.

4. Go to the Gym
Another way to clear your mind is to have a few sessions at the gym. Most of the time, if you can deal with the stresses of your body you'll also be dealing with the stresses of your mind. Going to the gym also gives you a sense of accomplishment, and your brain becomes happier because it gets flooded with endorphins.

5. Go for a Walk
If lifting some weights is not your thing, you can go for a walk instead. Don't bring your phone with you. Just have a few rounds around the block or at your local park. Allow your mind to go blank and just take in the surroundings. Don't think about work or your problems. When your mind is relaxed, it will eventually unravel some good remedies for those problems.

6. Meditate
Maybe you're not the active type. That's OK. You can give some time for meditation instead. Give yourself some alone time in a quiet room and just focus on your breathing. Again, don't think about your tasks or your to-dos. Take the time to step back and clear your head. You'll find that it will give you clarity and focus to handle the things that need to be dealt with.

7. Unplug
One of the biggest contributors to stress is our easy access to technology. When you need a break from work, walk away from your computer and leave your smart phone on your desk, especially if you work at home. Don't watch TV. Go out and enjoy the sun. Look at the sky. Feel the wind. Walk your dog and play with him. Talk to your mom and ask for some good recipes. There are so many things that you can do just to give yourself that much-needed breathing space away from technology.

Hopefully, the steps above will be able to help you in your quest to have a clearer mind. Have you done some of these things lately? How did your de-stressing go? Do you know other steps that can be taken to eliminate stress? Don't forget to share them with us in the comments below!

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