Holistic Courses, Online Learning and Accreditation

Whether you want to get qualified as a professional Holistic Therapist or shop for holistic products we wish you a warm welcome.
All our fully insurable and Accredited holistic therapy courses can be downloaded immediately so no need to wait. Simply click, download and start learning. You can even study on the go using your Ipad/laptop or even your phone.  If you want a career as professional therapist or would like to learn just for fun, you have found the right place. Take a look at our great choice of holistic health accredited courses that are recognized worldwide.

All courses are recognized world-wide by the IPHM  - UK - Australia - Canada - USA - New Zealand - China - Europe - etc..

Great Value Home Study Courses.

Who can study these courses? Anyone. 

What are the requirements? None. You do not need any qualifications or previous experience to study the majority of our courses. If you would like to receive your qualification in any of the subjects simply download your course and you will find full details of how to apply for your qualification. (exam questions included) If you just want to learn for fun then that is great. Just read and learn.

Could I have a career as professional holistic therapist? Yes. We have trained thousands of people over the past 10 years just like you,  many of them now who are working and doing a job they love having gained their recognized qualifications. 

Our sister site the School of Life Studies has been established for over 10 years. So you can be assured that you are in good hands with an established, recognized training provider.